Your best option depends on the amount of electricity you use at your primary residence. You can't have the low user option for other premises on your account, like a holiday home, a sleepout, or a shed.

Low User plan

If you use less than 8000 units a year at your primary residence (and not, for example, a holiday home), the Low User option may be best for you. This rises to 9000 units in parts of the lower South Island.

You pay:

  • a lower daily fixed charge
  • a higher variable charge for each unit of electricity you use. 

Standard User plan

If you use more electricity, a Standard User option may be better.

You pay:

  • a higher daily rate
  • a slightly lower rate for each unit of electricity you use. 

Not sure how much power you used?

If you sign into our customer site you can look at the yearly graph to see how much power you used. It is also noted on your bill.

If you're not sure, then get in touch with us and we can help figure out which is best for you.

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