Some lines companies credit a rebate back to your power company to be passed onto you the customer.

The networks that provide these kinds of rebates are:

  • Electra
  • Network Waitaki
  • Northpower
  • Electricity Ashburton
  • Marlborough Lines
  • Wel Networks
  • Network Tasman
  • Scanpower
  • Vector (via Entrust)
  • The Power Company
  • Waipa
  • Top Energy
  • Centralines
  • Counties Power
  • Alpine (via LineTrust South Canterbury)

The Network company determines the criteria for how a rebate works, and decides who receives a rebate and for what amount - Meridian has no control over this.

Some rebates are eligible to be refunded to you the customer; others must remain as a credit on your power account.

Rebates are typically done annually, if you have any questions, then please get in touch.

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